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We love seeing the creative side of makers especially those that involve conduit and our connectors. Share your projects below and follow the topic to be inspired by other artists!


Art Storage. 32 paintings. Made 2 tier. Total Height 85 inches by 33 inches width, 32 inches depth. I used Mesh from 99 cent store for shelves. I used clothes lines to separate them.
custom_shop_artworks on Instagram shared his recent build. He made a guitar body paint stand with all kinds of hacks incorporated into it. He made some custom bushings that allow it to spin around smoothly and the whole thing can telescope... (More)
Chris from "The Lost Wax" on YouTube makes all sorts of cool costumes and props. One of his more famous tutorials is how to make knight armor out of foam. In a recent video, he used EMT Conduit to make... (More)