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Storage & Organization
Storage & Organization

Looking for home or garage organization ideas? DIY pipe storage may be a solution. There has been countless projects used for all kinds of applications such as indoor bookcases and garage clean up. Follow the topic to see other makers designs and of course share your own.Β 


This is a cool storage idea from Frank! "I store my Makerpipe in these Rigid brand storage boxes from Home Depot. Each compartment is removable; how, I don’t find myself removing compartments. It helps keeping the connector components separated and... (More)
Is this the simplest Maker Pipe build yet? It's a single piece of EMT cut to length and 4 T connectors with nothing coming out of them. It's used as to hang shirts on hangers to dry after washing (i.e.,... (More)
Awesome Storage build from Fritz! "I wanted a stand for my old stereo system that included plenty of storage for CDs and records. A friend told me about Maker Pipe and the rest is history. I love your products and... (More)