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Outdoors & Recreation
Outdoors & Recreation

DIY solutions are perfect for outdoor uses and hobbyists. We have seen cool builds from drone racing gates to RV sunshades and much more. Be sure to share your projects with other makers and follow the topic to see theirs!


Check out this throwback build from Jon Carter! We featured it in our Kickstarter video and it is still awesome four years later. Any homebrewers out there?
David shared this winter boat protection frame that he built to protect his 32 foot sailboat! He used the 90 degree connector to make a 45 degree pitched roof.
Don sent in a picture and video of his pull behind attachment for snow sleds! Here's what he said about the build "Very happy I ran into your product! Ours is a pretty small project, but important to us. We... (More)
Nancy shared her heavy duty kayak cart. She used some really cool techniques on the build like the axle through the 90 degree connector and oversized wheels. She also used pool noodles to add protection to the bottom of the... (More)