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Outdoors & Recreation
Outdoors & Recreation

DIY solutions are perfect for outdoor uses and hobbyists. We have seen cool builds from drone racing gates to RV sunshades and much more. Be sure to share your projects with other makers and follow the topic to see theirs!


Thank you Jake, for helping me picked the correct connectors for my first simple canopy/privacy screen built on second level deck. The overall built was done with mainly the 90 degree connectors. The roof part can be lowered down and... (More)
My second build was a super simple 5 minute thing. I made a weight training accessory called a "landmine." This is just a U-Joint on the ground that holds one end of a barbell. A U-joint has two joints mounted... (More)
Our backyard has about a 25% slope, and we didn't love the idea of putting the trampoline in the front yard, so I had to find a way to keep the trampoline level. Conduit turned out to be the ideal... (More)
I finished my first Maker Pipe build. This very questionable looking thing is a martial arts striking dummy, or "uchikomi-dai" for Kendo (Japanese fencing). The target areas in kendo are the top of the head, the sides of the torso,... (More)