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Garage & Shop
Garage & Shop

If you need a new workbench or maybe a unique solution to a project you want to tackle then you're in the right place. Follow the Garage & Shop topic to see DIY pipe builds and share your own. 


Stand Support on the go! I managed finally to put the oil press on top of the original stands. The challenge was to find the way to support vertically the white steel stands with 360 degree moving casters, a triangular... (More)
A new "add on" to hang anything that the process requires during a period of time, and also to allow the utensiles to get dry after washing. I found this "off the shelf" "S hook", then expanded one side so... (More)
Finally I found an "off the shelf" system that works with the same casters that I bought originally for my first Makerpipe build. These inserts have a hole that was not threaded, but the insert was strong enough to withstand... (More)
A new addition to the vegetable oil workshop. This is the second module that will serve as shelf and also secodary workstation for products packaging. I took away everything that was occupying the space and now it looks and feels... (More)