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Garage & Shop
Garage & Shop

If you need a new workbench or maybe a unique solution to a project you want to tackle then you're in the right place. Follow the Garage & Shop topic to see DIY pipe builds and share your own. 


Check out this throwback build from Jon Carter! We featured it in our Kickstarter video and it is still awesome four years later. Any homebrewers out there?
Hi Folks! I'll be starting my vegetable seeds for the garden in a few weeks, so I pulled my nursery out of mothballs (and by "mothballs" I mean dust and cobwebs). My nursery is just a metal rack that I've... (More)
Chris from @breakfixmake shared his fantastic shop organization with us. Watch the full interview below! 👇👇
Den wanted to improve upon the shop vac organization design. Here's what he said about the build. "I enjoy making products I buy better so they work the way I'd like them, Bought from Maker Pipe to build a shop... (More)