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Industrial & Business
Industrial & Business

We love seeing the DIY builds that businesses come up with. From merchandising displays to office dividers and much more. Follow the topic and share your industrial or business builds!


Selecting Coco Beans and packaging vegetable oils has never been so smooth! I finished the first version of the artesanal oil production and packaging working station. I separated the "office" (TV stand on casters), from the oil production area. It... (More)
Modified a couple framing squares, for use with Maker Pipe joints on an upcoming project. One square left at 16" x 24" while the other was reduced to 12" x 16", and meant for keeping on square while building up... (More)
😎 Clausing lathe frame structure with chip backstop, onboard power, overhead switched LED light, end bumper, and tool trays. 👨‍🔧 Made with Make Pipe connectors - first time use and likely not the last time, I really like the ... (More)
So I am making another hoop house but don't want to use wood for the purlin like the one here and was going to use maker pipe 180° connectors with EMT every 5'. Does anyone know the weight capacity of... (More)