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Educators are always creating new projects for their students or need unique storage or furniture in the classroom. Here you can find inspiration and see those projects in action. Be sure to follow the topic to see other builds or share your own to inspire others.


I teach a high school class called Making for Social Good and my students had an idea for a stroller attachment for a wheelchair for a member of our community who is expecting their first child. They came up with... (More)
Modified a couple framing squares, for use with Maker Pipe joints on an upcoming project. One square left at 16" x 24" while the other was reduced to 12" x 16", and meant for keeping on square while building up... (More)
Our makerspace is focusing on creating videos that showcase different building techniques since we can't offer in-person classes at the moment. We decided to build a simple collapsable rig that allows us to have a camera directly above the table... (More)
Hey nerds, It's Friday again! Here's another Fusion 360 tutorial. In this episode, we get into some advanced features that can help you tackle more complex builds without having to do any math to find angles or lengths! From this,... (More)