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Educators are always creating new projects for their students or need unique storage or furniture in the classroom. Here you can find inspiration and see those projects in action. Be sure to follow the topic to see other builds or share your own to inspire others.


Bryan shared this awesome photo from the Mighty Panther Band. They made a gold bird cage out of EMT Conduit and Maker Pipe!
Teressa sent in some great photos of their marching band castle prop! Super Cool! "Hi, I’m with the visual design team for our daughters’ marching band here in Asheville, NC. Last year we were tasked with building a 30’ wide... (More)
Cool story from Jacob! "We needed a backdrop for a small dance production. When we ordered the printed curtains, we assumed we would fly them from the ceiling of the theater, but it turned out there was not enough overhead... (More)
Has anyone used Makerpipe to build dance barres? I run a ballet nonprofit and I could save a substantial amount of money if these materials are strong enough to handle the constant weight and flex. Any designs out there?