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Thanks for the review Greg!

"I replaced regular conduit connectors with maker pipe connectors on my sun shade at our boathouse. Maker pipe connectors stiffened the frame and do not come loose over time like conduit connectors did. Great product."
Awesome steel awning from Roger! "I used MakerPipe T connectors and a 180 connector to build a framework for an awning. I covered the frame with pole barn steel. We have wanted an awning over this door for 4 years.... (More)
Roman shared some photos of his build! Thanks for the review. "My build is a sunshade frame that is installed over a pergola. I used 1/2" EMT. to build a frame around the 8'x10' sunshade fabric. Bungee balls were used... (More)
"This is probably the most basic build of them all but I'm very proud of being able to accomplish this on my own, without power tools, and at a reasonable price. I needed something affordable as this succulent bed gets... (More)