Joseph recently revived an old garbage can caddy with conduit and Maker Pipe. Check it out 👇

"Here's my story. I have a two garbage can caddy that I
purchased over 15 years ago. The second photo is the sections disassembled. What happened over the years was that the threaded inserts at the ends of the pieces in the middle of the photo became loose and fell out. I made a number of repairs over the years, using a
lot of duct tape and two part epoxy, but eventually, I had to throw in the towel. I found it hard to believe that such a device does not exist for purchase anymore. The only one I found was out of stock or unavailable.

Then I found your website. After looking at your excellent videos and information, I was convinced I could make another caddy from scratch using your connectors and some conduit. But first I wanted to try a repair using your T connectors. I knew it would be a little iffy. The end pieces are 1" OD and the middle pieces are 3/4" OD. I knew from your video, that if I removed the friction insert, I could use the 3/4" T on the 1" tube, but would be a tight fit. Well, by using a pair of
channel locks, I was able to get the 3/4" Tees in place. For the 3/4" tube, I figured I could use one of your shims, but I wanted to try building up the OD with some heavy duty duct tape.

Anyway, the repair came out great. I've attached a
photo. Everything is very secure and sturdy."