Removable Weather Station Mount
I just finished my weather staton pole mount after considering several design ideas. My original thoughts which I posted in another thread was going to rely on a pivot point. This was overthinking the problem. I ended up using the cast iron flange system with compression fittings and threaded inserts to create conduit “hanger posts” attached to the siding. The bottom post features a 45 degree up angle and the upper post comes straight out.

Then, I attached Maker Pipe connectors to the pole. I can now lift the pole into position and slip it onto my flange posts and tighten it with the hex wrench.

It turns out that I never needed the pivot. With the upper connection point positioned in about the middle of he pole, it is easy to grab the pole at this point which is basically the center of gravity and lift it into position.

The top of the post has a six inch section of PVC bolted to it and the very top of the conduit pole has three layers of heat shrink to keep the larger diameter PVC centered so it will not rattle from wind.

It turned out great, and I appreciate the feedback from everyone on the other post.