Using 1" Aluminum tube with Makerpipe:

I built a solar eBike Trailer to charge my eBike battery. I'm working on the control system. It uses a compass to determine which way the solar panel should be tilted. I used EMT to built the frame and panel support rod. I ran into a problem. It turns out that the steel EMT is ferrous and can be magnetized! This caused errors in reading the compass heading. The beauty of Makerpipe fittings is they work with other materials (but not always as well because of the diameters). I ordered some 1" aluminum tubing (1/8" thick). You can see the diameter is 26mm instead of 24mm. The end plugs still fit inside. Even with the rubber inserts removed, the aluminum pipe was too large to allow the bolt/nut to be inserted. I used my bench vise to bend the bracket. I then had to use a C-clamp to pull the bracket together so I could bolt it together. Everything worked! Way to go Makerpipe!