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Asked a question 2 years ago

Anyone build a garage frame? I see there's been canopies, but when I search for garage, I don't see anything. Something like a 20 x 20 or 20x24 with 9'-10' tall doors. I'd plan to use wood to some extent to attach walls and roofing to. Been debating this system VS combining 2 of Harbor Freight's 10x20's VS building a wood frame/pole structure. At least 1 door has to be 9' wide by 9' tall. Thoughts?

Jeremy G
So you want to build the actual garage itself from pipe? At first I thought you just wanted to line your existing garage with scaffolding. I don't have anything useful to contribute unfortunately, but I'd definitely be interested in seeing your project once you get started!
Forest Rawlins
Jeremy G Yes - I figured if people could build hoop huts with 1/2"-1-1/2" pvc conduit, or the HarborFreight can use 1-1/2" metal pipe for their $120 carports, than maybe someone had tried building a frame using the maker pipe pieces. I just haven't been able to find any examples.
Jake Lewis
Forest Rawlins Have you seen the shed style greenhouse build? It isn't exactly what you're after but may offer some help as far as seeing how a frame could be built. I will tag you in the post.
Forest Rawlins
Jake Lewis I think I had seen it before, but I appreciate you tagging me as well. That is more or less what I'm looking for, but if I go this route, I'll probably add corner bracing at the top of the 10 x 10 doorway. I think my biggest concern is whether the emt will hold up once I start placing walls/roof on it. And, if I need to brace with wood, how much wood will be required..

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I'm not an engineer or anything, but you might be able to use this calculator to get a rough estimate of what kind of loads your structure can hold: