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Asked a question 2 years ago

Love the new flange parts, especially the fixed base idea with additional swivel mounts that you showed at the end of the video. This should work perfectly for the garden bed trellis frame I've sketched out (see yellow arrow in pick. I had planned to use a modified pipe elbow, which requires a bit of extra work. So, Thank you! Question: How do I order the additional pipe clamp? I've got two of the fixed base flanges in my cart. Am I missing something in the product catalog? Or add a part that is just the pipe clamp?

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Hey, I came here to ask this too! I think I have a partial answer: When they first launched, I definitely remember the hinge connector having options on its page to purchase the two halves separately or as a pair. However, this doesn't seem to be possible anymore. Moreover, I noticed the parts pages have been slightly reorganized in a few ways, (e.g., adding ½" options for most connectors, condensing the 'Pro' (1" EMT) & 'Standard' (¾" EMT) T-connector pages to one for both with size options). This suggests to me 2 general possibilities:

(1) it's a temporary/accidental issue. The option to buy the halves of the hinge separately may have gotten lost in the redesign of the pages, and will be restored once Jake/David/Kelly/? reads this post and is able to restore it somehow. Something like that, anyway.


(2) it's intentional and the option was removed on purpose in order to keep inventory levels of the two halves in reasonable balance. This would be odd but like. I'd get it?


Option (2) seems very unlikely given the context of them having designing the new part to fit the half you and I (and I suspect others) would like to buy, so imma go with some variation on (1) being most likely, and so am resolving to look forward to that option opening back up in some form, maybe if we're lucky even soon :)


PS: I H*ckin' *LOVE* these new parts, they're so well designed and much needed. Got a dozen in the cart, can't wait to find out on this subject either way to slam that order button 😁

Hey y'all thanks for the questions! Sounds like you both have some great project ideas and uses for the flanges which is awesome!

Carter is correct. When we did the redesign, we left the end clamp option off as it wasn't really needed by builders on its own. Now that we've got the flanges that utilize them it makes sense to add them back. I have updated the adjustable angle connector page to have the end clamp variant as an option again. @Carter78 @Casey90