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3D Printing
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Wanted to share my first build: a stand for my laser and 3D printers. Still need to add lights, filament holder, and probably something for tools but it's otherwise complete. Used 12 x 90 degree connectors, 3/4 EMT with white... (More)
3D Printer Filament Storage First Build. First Post. 1) My son came up with the idea to hang my vacuum-sealed filament storage bags. The bags are very rigid. They don't stack well or sit well in a traditional filament rack.... (More)
Conduit Clips for Cords, etc. I created a 3/4” EMT Conduit clip and added it to Thingiverse: I got tired of cutting and re-fastening zip ties and figured that there had to be an easier, reusable way to hang... (More)
I made this temporary plant hanger for Sue. She had me design and print some Hanging Trellis Planters for her climbing plants. I put the 3D design at: