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I built a shade cover for our plants (we live in Phoenix, AZ). The EMT pipes are 3/4" in size and we currently have a 50% shade cover attached to it. The frame is built around the tree so that... (More)
Awning reinforced with the new maker pipe adjustable flange. I plan on ordering more pieces to do two more corners and one more brace.
Free Standing Support for Sun Shade Sail Cloth We wanted to have a big 14' x 14' triangular sail cloth over our backyard couch but didn't want to mount it into the beautiful plaster of the house itself, so Maker... (More)
Two awesome things to see here! First, Josh's workshop is a repurposed shipping container. How cool is that?! Secondly, he made a custom adjustable flange to mount a sunshade over top of the door. Check out his TikTok below to... (More)