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Tim shared some photos of his beach bike cart build! Looks like an awesome solution with a lot of great hacks incorporated.
Building out my van and needed a lightweight, custom vertical interior bike rack. This design allows me to quickly and easily secure my mountain bike without having to remove the front wheel, and it doesn’t eat up floor space. Next... (More)
My grandkids get bored when i’m babysitting them. So after watching your video, i ordered your basic makerpipe connectors. When the package came, i thought of an idea to entertain the kids. When i was done with my project(inspired by... (More)
Sean O'Steen
Software DevOps by Day. Maker/Creator at night and on weekends
EDIT 9/1/2021: Iteration #2 is lighter and stiffer as I I turned the parallelogram sides into a triangle. (Last two photos). I dropped about half of the EMT and fittings from the first design. Say hello to "The Tromboni"! My... (More)