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Bird Feeders
Bird Feeders
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Rotating squirrel feeder. Like many who feed birds in their yards, pesky squirrels, often the clowns of the yard, eat more than their fair share. I’ve watched squirrels overcome the obstacles placed before them using sometimes incredible acrobatics like hanging... (More)
I made this garden trellis with EMT and Maker Pipe clamps. I radiused the EMT with a conduit bender and used wire fencing for the panels, which are attached to the frame with zip ties. There is an eye bolt... (More)
Check out this really simple bird feeder sent in by Dennis. He used a single 5 way connector which allows the bird feeder to sit on top and adds built in squirrel defense!
Check out this bird feeder! Great use of the 5 way connector. They used it to make 4 arms and hang a feeder from each one.