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Ben submitted some photos of his boat railing project. He incorporated some nice bends into the rails and secured them with T Connectors and Flanges. I like how he used the off-the-shelf pipe hangers to secure the lights. Really great... (More)
This is a converted stroller- to Kayak cart. Mostly on paved roads. 12 connectors, 2- thru tees, some yellow Shrink wrap. The kayak supports are 3/4” emp in insulation pipe. Perfect fit. Going to add a table under the posts,... (More)
This is a 3/4 inch EMT standing/cast bar for a kayak. I used 2 "T" MP connectors for the horizontal grab bar. I could have used the MP adjustable angle connectors for the support members but had other "bimini top"... (More)
Frame for winter cover for 23 ft walkaround cuddy in heavy snow area....similar to what others have done.