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November 2020 Entries
November 2020 Entries

Check out all the great entries from the November 2020 Build of the Month contest!

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Congrats to Kristen E on winning the November Build of the Month Contest!
Finished my 6x8 awning system and I can't say how much I'm satisfied with these strong maker pipe joints! Saved so much time and money!

Today, I “mobilized” our two GlowPear planter boxes with a Maker Pipe support frame using the caster kit. For those who know about them, the GlowPear are big, double-walled plastic planter boxes with an internal water reservoir. This makes them... (More)
Converting our Pacific Northwest treehouse deck into a dry space for safe social distanced outdoor grilling and shared couples meals. Used Maker Pipe 90s and 180s to build a lean-to canopy. This simple build was made possible by the Maker... (More)