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Building Hacks
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Chuck shared this hack with us and it is awesome so I wanted to share it with you! These are 12AN parallel hose clamps designed to dress up hoses and braided lines on custom engines. They are designed to hold... (More)
I guess we need to add tow hooks to the list of possible connection points for Maker Pipe Connectors! "Love the Maker Pipe system! I found out about Maker Pipe while doing a search for conduit fittings for another project... (More)
Bolted Joints Ok, Maker Pipe Community, I have another tip for you. I am calling it Bolted Joints. It is not the first example of this. Mario I. Arguello had the idea first, and frankly, his solution is a bit... (More)
A hack to cut pipe easily. I used my workstation structure, as I was building it, to attach the larger pipe that was getting cut with a cross over conduit clamp to the workstation side supports. It made cutting efordless... (More)