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Building Hacks
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I was recently talking with a customer with a light mount that had an uncommon thread size. He wanted to adapt it to a more common thread count to be able to use it with our threaded inserts. After some... (More)
Shalom sent some photos of their clever storage solution for shipping supplies. They used some threaded inserts, bolts, and eye hooks to create a removable rod for paper and stickers etc.
Jo shared some photos of the fence she made to keep deer out of her garden. She said the gate doesn't hinge but hooks with coat hangers for easy access which is really cool!
Joseph recently revived an old garbage can caddy with conduit and Maker Pipe. Check it out 👇 "Here's my story. I have a two garbage can caddy that I purchased over 15 years ago. The second photo is the section... (More)