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Camper Beds
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Hello Everyone. Made a bed frame and folding shelf for my truck camper build. First time builder. Using mostly T connectors and four 4 Way connectors. Been using wood setup. Then went to new level with Maker pipe. Thanks.
Bill sent in this video of his recent van slide-out bed inspired by another community member. The 1" PVC pipes are attached to the wood frame with two-hole straps. The conduit slides in for storage and out into a full... (More)
Currently working on a “double hinge” that will allow me to store four sheets of 1/2 plywood on top of each other. I came across this idea in my brainstorming. I though about using two t-connectors but that would have... (More)
Still some minor bugs to work out, but the bed frame is almost completely finished. Converts from single to double in a few short steps.

Full video: