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Check out Bryan’s garbage can cart. So many awesome details! “I installed 4” aluminum reinforcing tubing with a 1/2” ID into 3/4” emt at all bolt through connections at the angle frame and at both end of axle housing to... (More)
Hey all. Designing a disc golf cart and trying to think of the best way to make a sturdy flip up lid I can use as a seat (I'd attach a seat of some sort to the lid). This is... (More)
Tim shared some photos of his beach bike cart build! Looks like an awesome solution with a lot of great hacks incorporated.
Joseph recently revived an old garbage can caddy with conduit and Maker Pipe. Check it out 👇 "Here's my story. I have a two garbage can caddy that I purchased over 15 years ago. The second photo is the section... (More)