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December 2020 Entries
December 2020 Entries
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😎 Clausing lathe frame structure with chip backstop, onboard power, overhead switched LED light, end bumper, and tool trays. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§ Made with Make Pipe connectors - first time use and likely not the last time, I really like the ... (More)
Congrats to M C on winning Decembers Build of the Month contest with his Menorah build!
MakerPipe chicken run
90, 180, 45 t connectors. Made door hinge by not overtightening two t connectors.

Using maker pipe connectors to build the frame for this custom RGB LED string Christmas tree. The LED strips are enclosed and attached to the rods used to mark for snow removal. The rods are attached to the conduit structure... (More)