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Build Help
Build Help

We know as well as anyone that DIY projects can be frustrating some times. Don't give up! Ask questions, post your designs or just a discussion in general and your fellow makers will be here to help!

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Hi All, First time building a project with EMT tube and Maker Pipe and I could use some ideas/suggestions from the community. Project: Building a swinging arm which is attached to a wall on my house and will rotate over... (More)
Hi, I'm building a 10'x30'x9' shade structure for a porch. The shape is a simple rectangle. One square does not have a front bar at the bottom so people will not trip on it. I purchased several of the model... (More)
I am trying to build a 5' by 12' frame for a gate. I had no trouble at all using structural coupling to to connect two pipes to make the 12 foot segments. I am struggling with the 90 degree... (More)