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Build Help

We know as well as anyone that DIY projects can be frustrating some times. Don't give up! Ask questions, post your designs or just a discussion in general and your fellow makers will be here to help!

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Here is a chart that breaks down the available pipes and tubes that we know work with the connectors along with the shim that you need to make them work. Let me know if you have any questions!
I'm looking to build a set of these. 2 rigs to hold 4 lights and another that holds 2. Each light will weigh about 55 lbs (so with accs, cables etc. the frame will need to hold 250 lbs). The... (More)
I would like to add a pipe roof to this unusually shaped fenced in area and turn it into a proper greenhouse. I'm thinking slanted roof to fend off the rain and snow (in the Pacific North West). Any thoughts... (More)