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Storage & Organization
Storage & Organization

Looking for home or garage organization ideas? DIY pipe storage may be a solution. There has been countless projects used for all kinds of applications such as indoor bookcases and garage clean up. Follow the topic to see other makers designs and of course share your own. 

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Matt recently shared some details about his 22' by 35.5' by 16' tall storage shed built with conduit. This has got to be one of the biggest MP builds that we've seen! I think it's cool that he was building... (More)
I built some shelves for a nook in my garage. I know it's pretty standard stuff, but considering it is my first build I'm pretty happy with the results 🙂 Few things that might be worth mentioning: 1. Wear gloves... (More)
Art Storage. 32 paintings. Made 2 tier. Total Height 85 inches by 33 inches width, 32 inches depth. I used Mesh from 99 cent store for shelves. I used clothes lines to separate them.
i needed to store my daughter's paintings in Garage. I used maker pipe to built 2 shelves for 3 sizes of canvas, 60X50, 30x40, and 50 X 40 inches. The hight of the unit was 52 W, 81 H, 24... (More)