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Storage & Organization
Storage & Organization

Looking for home or garage organization ideas? DIY pipe storage may be a solution. There has been countless projects used for all kinds of applications such as indoor bookcases and garage clean up. Follow the topic to see other makers designs and of course share your own. 

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Pretty happy with the build so far! Going to add a unit to the right and use different shelf lengths to fill the space when there isn't a tree there
Christmas Day build. Adjustable shelves using Pro T connectors and 1" EMT. Will run through the details soon... My other half is ecstatic with how they turned out.
Stand Support on the go! I managed finally to put the oil press on top of the original stands. The challenge was to find the way to support vertically the white steel stands with 360 degree moving casters, a triangular... (More)
That's a lot of signs! Check out these custom storage racks from Chris. "We love your product. We use it to build racks to store our Yard Signs. Everyone in the business is amazed at this design and how many... (More)