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Storage & Organization
Storage & Organization

Looking for home or garage organization ideas? DIY pipe storage may be a solution. There has been countless projects used for all kinds of applications such as indoor bookcases and garage clean up. Follow the topic to see other makers designs and of course share your own. 

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Selecting Coco Beans and packaging vegetable oils has never been so smooth! I finished the first version of the artesanal oil production and packaging working station. I separated the "office" (TV stand on casters), from the oil production area. It... (More)
Why doesn't anyone make a kayak storage rack that holds 3 kayaks in a small space? Maker Pipe to the rescue.
@projectileobjects on Instagram sent some photos of their awesome room divider project equipped with polycarbonate sheets and a sliding door!

Dave's kayak storage video yesterday gave me some inspiration. My house is on a river and always has kayaks littering the yard. I needed a rack to hold more than a few kayaks, and one that could be moved around... (More)