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Storage & Organization
Storage & Organization

Looking for home or garage organization ideas? DIY pipe storage may be a solution. There has been countless projects used for all kinds of applications such as indoor bookcases and garage clean up. Follow the topic to see other makers designs and of course share your own. 

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RV Storage My wife and I recently purchased a new travel trailer that we are enjoying (ATC STO350). It has lots of storage for small items, but after a few camping trips, we decided we could make some improvements to... (More)
Check out the storage solution that Anthony built to utilize the space underneath some stairs.

"Under stair storage in my garage. I’m thinking of putting wheels on it so that it is easier to clean underneath it."
Thanks for the review Charles!

"I liked working with the connectors I purchased from Maker Pipe; it made my project more sturdy. Please view the attached pics of my project. It's a PC gaming tower shelf"
Awesome build from Matthew R! Thanks for the review. "These connectors were just the ticket needed to build my daughter a structure to display her custom designed clothing at the Salem MA Night Markets. Hangs all of the garments and... (More)