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Gardening & Agriculture
Gardening & Agriculture

Did you build a raised garden bed? Maybe a shelving unit for your micro greens? Or maybe you just want gardening inspiration then here is the best place to be! Be sure to follow the topic if  you want to get updates on new posts and other notifications.  

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Here's a cool hanging plant stand for Epiphyllum hanging pots from Binh!
I have an enclosure for my chickens when they're not in the coop. It is approximately 6.5x9.5, with the peak of the roof at about 6.5. There are no rafters or struts between the outer frame of tube-steel for the... (More)
My first project! Super easy and looking forward to building more stuff for the garden (and elsewhere!)
This awesome trellis was sent in by an anonymous community member through email. Check it out!