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Outdoors & Recreation
Outdoors & Recreation

DIY solutions are perfect for outdoor uses and hobbyists. We have seen cool builds from drone racing gates to RV sunshades and much more. Be sure to share your projects with other makers and follow the topic to see theirs!

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Built this adjustable sandbox shade/cover using 3/4" EMT conduit and Maker Pipe parts. The vertical posts are 6'6" and secured to the sandbox using the flange connector. (For added strength, I used threaded inserts and washers secured with a 1/4-20... (More)
Hello Everyone. Made a bed frame and folding shelf for my truck camper build. First time builder. Using mostly T connectors and four 4 Way connectors. Been using wood setup. Then went to new level with Maker pipe. Thanks.
What to do with a perfectly good fabric umbrella that I saved from a bent & broken offset umbrella stand? I'm SO done with these entry-level offset umbrellas that barely last one season (yes, you get what you pay for!)... (More)
Saw a couple disc golf carts on here, got inspired and wanted to make my own. Still want to add a few things but it is functional now!