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Outdoors & Recreation
Outdoors & Recreation

DIY solutions are perfect for outdoor uses and hobbyists. We have seen cool builds from drone racing gates to RV sunshades and much more. Be sure to share your projects with other makers and follow the topic to see theirs!

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Check out this awning build by Jamie in California. Complete with retractable sides. Great job Jamie! Thanks for sharing.
This was a fun interactive seesaw build we did for Roper Mountain Science Center for their annual Maker Day. It was a big hit and even made a second appearance on Thanksgiving for all the kiddos.
Joe Scully
Joe Scully | Drone Race Director | MultiGP Drone Racing League
Drone Racing hosts have relied on Maker Pipe for since 2017 to construct their courses. MultiGP Drone Racing League, the world's largest league with over 30,000 registered pilots and 760 chapters globally, is founded based on grassroots chapter development, an... (More)
Curtis made this custom roof rack out of conduit! Looks pretty slick.