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Outdoors & Recreation
Outdoors & Recreation

DIY solutions are perfect for outdoor uses and hobbyists. We have seen cool builds from drone racing gates to RV sunshades and much more. Be sure to share your projects with other makers and follow the topic to see theirs!

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Jane shared her awesome backyard privacy screen built with EMT conduit & Maker Pipe! Here's what she said about the project. "Hiya! Our back garden is a bit of a fishbowl due to our raised septic field and has been... (More)
Ryder sent us some photos of his rooftop sunshade project. He used shrink wrap to add some color to the build, and carabiners to make the sunshades retractable. Very clever and cool build!
Here are some before and after photos of Joy and Tony's pier railing restoration.
I built the frame for a hard side Hi/Lo style duck blind on my jon boat entirely out of maker pipe and EMT conduit. The shelf in the cabin area of the blind is aluminum since it has a stove... (More)