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Thanks for the review Richard! "I had been planning to use Maker Pipe to build a Dahlia cage last year but never got to it. This year, the predator pressure on our meat chickens got so bad that I had... (More)
David from the Triad SPCA shared photos of a roof rebuild that local scout groups built for their dog kennels. Scroll through the photos to see the plastic tarps transform into a strong steel roof!
Rex made this great enclosure for their berry garden! "Excellent product and service! I made a structure to tie parachute cord to and drape bird netting over. Problem solved. Last year flocks of Robins wiped us out. It’s so nice... (More)
Check out the evolution of Mirna's tomato support cage! "Maker Pipe has been an amazing discovery! I finally have a sturdy solution for my tomato jungle! I’ve tried many kinds of supports over the last 10+ years, and with your... (More)