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Emt set into stone, screwed to lattice work with electrical clips...cross braces held with makerpipe. Ok, a few questions answered. The vertical poles are set into the stone with flanges and expansion bolts. The firepit is 17ft long 10ft wide.... (More)
A few months back I had a project to make some tables. I found maker pipe online and thought I would give their product a try to test some ideas. I really like the freedom and ease to experiment the... (More)
I built a storage cart for my kayaks. The frame has wheels so it rolls out of my shop, to my truck. The top/larger kayak lines right up with my truck bed for easy loading/unloading. The kayaks sit on bunks... (More)
I wanted a good weather cover for my Jumping Jack Trailer here in Phoenix where the sun and the storms can be so bad. I only wanted it five feet tall on the sides to keep the cover low. Makerpipe... (More)