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So I'm following the guidance from the YouTube video called "How to make a flange for EMT conduit" and it isn't working. I'm working with 1/2 inch so I have a 1/2 inch compression coupling that the video says should... (More)
Aksel Pedersen asked for some dimensions of the new flanges so I figured I'd make a post for others interested as well. The rigid flange base is 3-1/8" x 3-1/8" and has a 2" by 2" bolt pattern. The adjustable... (More)
Quick footnote. One overkill hack for strengthening a flange connection is to tap the end of a 1/2 inch pipe with a 5/8 inch tap (Irwin is 12 bucks) and then use a large 5/8 bolt.
I needed a movable screen for my project videos to block off unrelated background objects. I will use this mostly in my garage but it can be used outside as a uniform background as well. If I use it outside,... (More)