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Garage & Shop
Garage & Shop

If you need a new workbench or maybe a unique solution to a project you want to tackle then you're in the right place. Follow the Garage & Shop topic to see DIY pipe builds and share your own. 

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Check out John's golfing simulator frame! "I looked at buying a kit and they wanted like $1200 for it and I had to buy the conduit, the second most expensive item. So I started to look for the conduit connectors... (More)
Harold shared this photo a while back. He made a table to use his bench saw as a table saw. I say it turned out great!
Grant from Morgan Tool & Die recently built a packing table inspired by the one that we built for John Saunders a little while back. Looks great and fits their packaging process!
Have a john boat that is open in the middle. Had a hard time finding anything that would keep the boat cover up. Built a frame out of 1/2"EMT 6-4 ways, 2-T's, 1-135 degree. Works perfect. And lite enough to... (More)