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Garage & Shop
Garage & Shop

If you need a new workbench or maybe a unique solution to a project you want to tackle then you're in the right place. Follow the Garage & Shop topic to see DIY pipe builds and share your own. 

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Here's a really quick and easy way to hold a paper towel roll. This is invaluable in the shop!
Here's a recycling bin cart I made with my first Maker kit from the original Kickstarter days. It's a pretty basic cart on wheels, but it's still going strong and we use it every week for easy sorting and unloading.
We moved into a new home with very limited storage space. An empty wall in the garage and Maker Pipe solved the problem. Many things were in plastic totes so we made the shelves to accommodate their size. Rubber feet... (More)
Here is a mobile tool cart for my table saw tools that also transforms into a lightweight outfeed table using inexpensive conduit, Maker Pipe connectors and a Wall Control Pegboard panel. I made a how to video on how I... (More)