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Garage & Shop
Garage & Shop

If you need a new workbench or maybe a unique solution to a project you want to tackle then you're in the right place. Follow the Garage & Shop topic to see DIY pipe builds and share your own. 

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I've been experimenting with a light and camera grid in the basement studio made with Makerpipe. The adjustability of the makerpipe connectors give me the flexibility to change the configuration as needed. I did some welding and created a ceiling... (More)
Here is a sweet rooftop tent caddy built by Reid! "Back story on my first project: I posted a picture similar to the one below on a camper group in FaceBook looking for advice on a better way to onload... (More)
T-Connector, Painted conduit, 2" webbing, maker Pipe End Plugs... jeep grand cherokee roof rack
Check out this throwback build from Jon Carter! We featured it in our Kickstarter video and it is still awesome four years later. Any homebrewers out there?