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So I haven't posted anything for a while, but here's one my wife wanted me to put up. She does cross stitch on the couch while watching TV ,and accompanied that she couldn't hold the fabric frame while doing the... (More)
I made a dozen of these EMT stands for our steel drum band. The nylon insert for the 1/2" pipe allows the legs of the stands to be turned for better positioning while maintaining stability. These 12 stands cost less... (More)

I just finished a triple monitor stand for a racing simulator. This was my first Maker Pipe project.

😎 Clausing lathe frame structure with chip backstop, onboard power, overhead switched LED light, end bumper, and tool trays. 👨‍🔧 Made with Make Pipe connectors - first time use and likely not the last time, I really like the ... (More)