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Holiday Decor
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Awesome mega tree shared by Ross! "This is the first Mega Tree I built with Maker Pipe components; I wanted the base to be adjustable because where I'm placing it, the ground is out of level. With the perpendicular conduit... (More)
Keith recently shared an update on the false roof he was working on for their annual light show. It looks amazing! Check out the full show here -------> "This is what the finished product of all those incredible Maker... (More)
Relatively small holiday lighting project here... four frames to hold some outdoor holiday lighting props. The adjustable flange connectors and adjustable angle hinge connectors made it easy to get these perfectly aligned over 16 feet of uneven ground. Not a... (More)
My first Maker Pipe project: a frame for mounting a holiday star to the roof of my house. Clips onto the parapet wall facing diagonally as shown. Verticals with pipe insulation in front and behind wall keep it stable in... (More)