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Holiday Decor
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Ryan and his family built an awesome dino light display!

"I made a super sweet 12x24 light-up Christmas brontosaurus. Cause duh."
Harold shared photos of some of the decor in his holiday light show! "I am using MakerPipe for setting up my Christmas light show (which I find to be an interesting hobby). The connectors have a lot of practical applications,... (More)
You have quiet the product. I was able to use the majority of my items on the build of our Christmas Drive Thru light show we do at my location. I’ve put this light show together for 3 years with... (More)
Here are some great holiday light displays shared by Claudio through email. "I am happy to inform you that your product is amazing. I have built a few items with it and they have worked out great! I have used... (More)