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Industrial & Business
Industrial & Business

We love seeing the DIY builds that businesses come up with. From merchandising displays to office dividers and much more. Follow the topic and share your industrial or business builds!

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A stronger variation of the mini greenhouse to dry palm fruits under the equatorial sun, and... rain. 15 min project!
An early morning project. It is a mini-greenhouse (40 inches long, 25 inches wide and 20 inches high) to dry pumpking seeds, in this case, and later with improovement, to dehydrate anything. The equatorial sun does the energy input. Nothing... (More)
We had to move the press room outdoors due to COVID. An 8'x10' backdrop + Maker Pipe gave us a portable "Press Room" right on the field for our post-game interviews. Thanks Maker Pipe for making it happen! #UCSBMensSoccer #BigWestTV... (More)
Selecting Coco Beans and packaging vegetable oils has never been so smooth! I finished the first version of the artesanal oil production and packaging working station. I separated the "office" (TV stand on casters), from the oil production area. It... (More)