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Industrial & Business
Industrial & Business

We love seeing the DIY builds that businesses come up with. From merchandising displays to office dividers and much more. Follow the topic and share your industrial or business builds!

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Steve used 1" EMT Conduit and Maker Pipe Connectors to build these cart corrals for their Habitat for Humanity store!
Darin from 310Rodworks shared some photos of their recent show booth stand. Really cool! “ I just wanted to send a message to you about my MakerPipe project. I have a small but growing company in Southern California. I was... (More)
Happy Friday y'all. I wanted to share my first project with Maker Pipe - a simple set of guard rails on a storage loft area in my studio. It's a tiny footprint of useful storage space above the bathroom, and... (More)
Robley Ray
Operations Manager
I want to build this frame It will be used to suspend a load of 350-400lbs. It also needs to be a portable setup so it can be moved to the following job sites.