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Kayak Carts
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This is a converted stroller- to Kayak cart. Mostly on paved roads. 12 connectors, 2- thru tees, some yellow Shrink wrap. The kayak supports are 3/4” emp in insulation pipe. Perfect fit. Going to add a table under the posts,... (More)
Wasn’t finding a boat cart caddy I liked online for the Flycraft Stealth X inflatable boat, so I made my own. #makerpipe #diyboatcaddy Grocery List: Bi-Mart: (PNW store) 2: 15" carts wheel with 1/2" bearing Ace Hardware: AXLE: 1/2"x36" all-thread... (More)
This is my latest project video. I want to give special thanks to Nancy for her design inspiration and Jake for the needed connectors list.
Easy Kayak Stand/Cart