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Kayak Carts
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Mark made some great changes and modifications to the Kayak cart design we've all seen numerous times. That's the beauty of conduit and connectors. You can adjust things for your specific needs! "When I first saw this cart video on... (More)
This is a converted stroller- to Kayak cart. Mostly on paved roads. 12 connectors, 2- thru tees, some yellow Shrink wrap. The kayak supports are 3/4” emp in insulation pipe. Perfect fit. Going to add a table under the posts,... (More)
Wasn’t finding a boat cart caddy I liked online for the Flycraft Stealth X inflatable boat, so I made my own. #makerpipe #diyboatcaddy Grocery List: Bi-Mart: (PNW store) 2: 15" carts wheel with 1/2" bearing Ace Hardware: AXLE: 1/2"x36" all-thread... (More)
This is my latest project video. I want to give special thanks to Nancy for her design inspiration and Jake for the needed connectors list.