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Kayak Racks
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I thought I’d wait until the project was finish, but like most of my undertakings, they’re never truly “done.” I added a kayak rack to my rooftop “basket.” I’m not an expert at bending emt as of yet so they... (More)
Inspired by Todd Shaffer's kayak rack, I built a kayak rack for my minitruck. I couldn't go side-by-side, so I went vertical. I also incorporated the pool noodle roof rack idea for over the cab. We came across the gator... (More)
Why doesn't anyone make a kayak storage rack that holds 3 kayaks in a small space? Maker Pipe to the rescue.
Dave's kayak storage video yesterday gave me some inspiration. My house is on a river and always has kayaks littering the yard. I needed a rack to hold more than a few kayaks, and one that could be moved around... (More)