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This is a converted stroller- to Kayak cart. Mostly on paved roads. 12 connectors, 2- thru tees, some yellow Shrink wrap. The kayak supports are 3/4” emp in insulation pipe. Perfect fit. Going to add a table under the posts,... (More)
This is a 3/4 inch EMT standing/cast bar for a kayak. I used 2 "T" MP connectors for the horizontal grab bar. I could have used the MP adjustable angle connectors for the support members but had other "bimini top"... (More)
I thought I’d wait until the project was finish, but like most of my undertakings, they’re never truly “done.” I added a kayak rack to my rooftop “basket.” I’m not an expert at bending emt as of yet so they... (More)
Inspired by Todd Shaffer's kayak rack, I built a kayak rack for my minitruck. I couldn't go side-by-side, so I went vertical. I also incorporated the pool noodle roof rack idea for over the cab. We came across the gator... (More)