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Maker Pipe Minis
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I have a new project coming up with Makerpipe (its nothing revolutionary, just a replacement sun-shade frame), but I really wanted to make a scale model of it. On Thingiverse, I found the Makerpipe files for the mini connectors that... (More)
Build my model of a garden trellis. I chose to use all straight pieces to avoid inconsistent pipe bends.
Mike from Keep On Growin on YouTube is planning to build a stand for his hydroponic system. He is in the planning phase and figuring out the design. Check out his mini model and plans in this video.
Working on a twin bed frame idea. Was one 4-way short so I substituted. Following advice I’ll use 1” emt for the legs and outer frame if not the whole project. Maybe incorporate some of the shims in the pro... (More)