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Maker Pipe Monday
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In today's episode of Maker Pipe Monday we throw it back to the Kickstarter days and look at some of the projects we made for the Kickstarter launch video!
This week's community build showcase is up on YouTube! Episode 61 features builds from Kaleigh Kozdras , ProjectileObjects, Tommy Geoghan, Glen E Sayler, and Scott R. Miller. Thanks everyone for sharing your projects!
Episode 56 of our weekly build showcase is here with five projects from right here in the community! This episode features @[Mc Fish](mc_fish) inflatable boat cart, @[Aksel Pedersen](aksel_pedersen) beach cart, @[Joe Cosier](joecosier) concrete paver base, @[Mark M](mark_m) garage storage hooks,... (More)
It's time for another Maker Pipe Monday episode! This week I am filling in for Dave and sharing five awesome builds from members of the community. This episode features a patio sunshade from Rick Nelson , a portable table carrier... (More)