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March 2021 Entries
March 2021 Entries
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Voted for Interior Vehicle Rack

I voted for the interior vehicle rack because it is a project that I will actually do and use! I tried to build a similar contraption a few years ago out of wood, but maker pipe will be a much... (More)

Voted for Baby Carrier

Very happy to see innovative adaptive devices for disabled people! I'm impressed with the creative solutions that the community comes up with. I hope to have some time to make some of my own projects with Maker Pipe. I'm obsessed!... (More)

Voted for Baby Carrier

I think this shows the true range of makerpipe. It is a truly unique need. The build used several different maker pipe fittings where conventional EMT fittings would not work. The builder used the makerpipe component to reimagine two commercial... (More)