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Outdoor Showers
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Murray shared some photos of an outdoor shower enclosure that he built recently. "It measures 4 feet by 6 feet and utilizes Maker Pipe t-connectors and adjustable angle hinge connectors. The shower can be set up or taken down in... (More)
What do you do when your bathroom is being renovated and you still need to shower? Build an outdoor shower with conduit and Maker Pipe! At least that's what Michael did and it turned out great.
Here’s a cool outdoor gravity shower shared by Ruby through email! “I am so busy with work, renovating a house and gardening with my husband BUT I had this idea to make a gravity fed solar shower tower. See the... (More)
I want to share the outdoor shower enclosure that I built using the maker pipe hardware. We originally got this portable propane shower unit because our electricity was out for about five days after Hurricane Sally. Hot water definitely helps... (More)