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Projector Screen Frames
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Awesome build from Zach! Thanks for the review. "Maker pipe gave me the tools to engineer and redesign on the fly to execute on a massive screen for a school party in my backyard. I had one bracket fail, but... (More)
Here's a great build to get outside and spend time with the family! You'll notice in the last two photos that Bob used tent pole clips to make it easy to put up and take down the frame. "I finally... (More)
Bob made this awesome 10’ x 20’ projector screen frame to enjoy movies in the pool! He shared a sketch that shows the parts used in case you're interested in making something similar. Thanks Bob!
Awesome build from Shawn! Thanks for the T Connector review. "My Maker project was to create a frame for an outdoor 150" theater screen for a long throw projector off the back of my patio for movie nights whether in... (More)