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Educators are always creating new projects for their students or need unique storage or furniture in the classroom. Here you can find inspiration and see those projects in action. Be sure to follow the topic to see other builds or share your own to inspire others.

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Has anyone used Makerpipe to build dance barres? I run a ballet nonprofit and I could save a substantial amount of money if these materials are strong enough to handle the constant weight and flex. Any designs out there?
The Leonardo Da Vinci Bridge. Now the real thing. Made with "T" connectors to just keep the initial distance between the first two and last two longitudinal pipes (10 feet long all of them). Then on every transversal pipe (40... (More)
What was suggested, was also made. First the study, done on Tuesday this week. It works, and the less slippery the surface, the better the Da Vinci bridge works.
Sean O'Steen
Software DevOps by Day. Maker/Creator at night and on weekends
EDIT 9/1/2021: Iteration #2 is lighter and stiffer as I I turned the parallelogram sides into a triangle. (Last two photos). I dropped about half of the EMT and fittings from the first design. Say hello to "The Tromboni"! My... (More)