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Gerry made a custom bottle rack with EMT Conduit and connectors. Looks like it added a ton of storage and I love the unique shape and lights that are attached!
Awesome Storage build from Fritz! "I wanted a stand for my old stereo system that included plenty of storage for CDs and records. A friend told me about Maker Pipe and the rest is history. I love your products and... (More)
Peter recently shared a couple of photos of the shelves he made to display some vintage office items. Check it out! "Finally got my project done enough to show. I needed a shelf to display my typewriter collection (and some... (More)
I built some shelves for a nook in my garage. I know it's pretty standard stuff, but considering it is my first build I'm pretty happy with the results 🙂 Few things that might be worth mentioning: 1. Wear gloves... (More)