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Solar Panel Stands
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"Hi David. Your parts worked great at Burning Man! The EMT Conduit Flange Connector combined with a 45 Degree structural pipe fitting, gave me about the perfect angle to the sun. I connected this to my EMT shade structure using... (More)
Check out this cool solar panel stand from Jim! "I'm having a lot of fun using your clamps, they fit perfectly with 3/4 inch conduit. Able to build a sturdy frame for my portable solar panel which is heavy and... (More)
Jim recently shared a great solar panel stand that utilizes the adjustable angle flanges and connectors. The panels can swivel easily which allows for manual sun tracking.
I'm so excited that my PRO 1" connectors arrived! I've had a project in mind for a while. I wanted to make a Solar Panel rack for my heavy glass 180W panels. The rack holds two panels (so I can... (More)