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Jason made this awesome rack for a cart that holds everything from lawn chairs to baseball gear! "I built a frame that has extensions on top and folding hooks on the back. Now, I can put a water jug, bucket,... (More)
John recently shared a 10'x10'x35' batting cage he built for his son. Here's what he said about the finished build. "I can say that my kid absolutely loves it. He hits in here daily, and has probably taken upwards of... (More)
Here is an awesome build that I wanted to share with you all. Eli recently shared some photos and a link to this news story. His grandson plays a sport called Power Soccer, and needed a guard for his wheelchair.... (More)
I saw a video of a MakerPipe user(?) testing a build with a OneWheel. I created a rack to hold mine. Pretty happy with the results...

Edit: I realized that I failed to include the build instructions