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Darin from 310Rodworks shared some photos of their recent show booth stand. Really cool! “ I just wanted to send a message to you about my MakerPipe project. I have a small but growing company in Southern California. I was... (More)
The Tech Valley Center of Gravity makerspace built a really cool booth for the woodworker's showcase in Saratoga Springs. They incorporated a lot of cool hacks!
Here is a great example of Maker Pipe being used for pipe and drape. Packs down small and easy to transport if needed. Great for trade show booths or backdrops. This example used a combination of T connectors and 180... (More)
We use Maker Pipe for our trade show display tables. Since we have to travel with the display it works great with how it breaks down. We use lightweight doors as the table tops and simply put holes in the... (More)