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Blake liked 4 days ago
Jake Lewis
Content & Community Manager
A quick reminder to tag your posts to the #MakerPipeBOTM topic to enter the monthly build contest. If you already posted your build, but want to enter for July edit your post and click the "add topics" button. Type into... (More)
Kelly commented 25 minutes ago
We used maker pipe connections to build a structure to hold lighting and an overhead camera for a new YouTube series to display our products. A separate small structure holds a front camera, monitor and overhead LED video light that... (More)
David liked 12 hours ago
We have a lot of trouble with chipmunks and squirrels eating our garden, which as you can see is not very big but amazingly productive. No trouble now. Used ¾" chicken wire and the chipmunks can't get through.
Blake liked 17 hours ago
Here is a project Icompleted last spring. Very easy to build using maker pipe connections. Best thing about it is how easy it is to take down and put up in the spring and fall. I Love this product! #MakerPipeBOTM