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A quick reminder to tag your posts to the #MakerPipeBOTM topic to enter the monthly build contest. When posting click on the "add topics" button. Type into the search box #MakerPipeBOTM and click the topic when it pops up. Thanks!... (More)
Are the caster inserts available separately?? Or can you only purchase with the casters? Say, somebody wanted to use different casters?
Rooftop Canvas Walled Tent. I’ve always enjoyed the nostalgic feel of a camping in true canvas walled tent. Thanks to Maker Pipe, creating the tent frame was the easy part. Sewing 10 oz water proof duck canvas on a non-industrial... (More)
Maker Pipe Monday Episode 52 is here! Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of our first MPM upload on YouTube. It has been a favorite here at the shop since we started last year. Thanks everyone for sharing your projects... (More)