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Build Help

We know as well as anyone that DIY projects can be frustrating some times. Don't give up! Ask questions, post your designs or just a discussion in general and your fellow makers will be here to help!


I’m trying to attach a banner to 1 3/8” pipe longways. I have a canopy structure made with 1 3/8” pipe and I want to attach 3/4 EMT based banner legs to the 1 3/8” canopy legs with a small... (More)
Hinge Hack from recent video David Schlitter recently posted a few videos from their road trip. In one, they talked to Jeff in Texas about his amazing tool cart. I know there is a followup to explore some of those... (More)
I'm building a portable shade structure for use on desert playas in the US southwest. I tested it today in Las Vegas with temperatures around 108F. Even though I fully tightened the screws in the Maker Pipe connectors, eventually there... (More)