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Build Help
Build Help

We know as well as anyone that DIY projects can be frustrating some times. Don't give up! Ask questions, post your designs or just a discussion in general and your fellow makers will be here to help!


Hello all, just stumbled on this page - and I'm currently looking to build a lightweight door / awning for my shop. I was going to use Unistrut, but I'm now considering 3/4" emt....I will cover the door with a... (More)

For mobility look for farm supply places that sell gate wheels they are meant to be outside and the attach to pipe. Also, I've used 'Rain-X' on several outdoor fitting situations. It repels water and doesn't seem to wash off... (More)

Critique or ideas for my desk. Right now I have my tower being stored on the left bay, then a 30x60 table top, with two shelves below for gaming systems. I think I want to build an upright/wooden backsplash on... (More)
Hello! I was hoping someone could help with a sort of "check" on some plans I drew up for a shade structure for my deck (attached). The design is based on Ryder's ( Of course, my plans are designed around... (More)