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Gardening & Agriculture
Gardening & Agriculture

Did you build a raised garden bed? Maybe a shelving unit for your micro greens? Or maybe you just want gardening inspiration then here is the best place to be! Be sure to follow the topic if  you want to get updates on new posts and other notifications.  

Dan modeled this sweet raised garden bed. Here’s some details he shared about his project. “ The raised bed will be 4 feet wide, 12 feet long, and 19 inches tall. The overall height will be 8 feet, six inches.... (More)
Hi Folks! I'll be starting my vegetable seeds for the garden in a few weeks, so I pulled my nursery out of mothballs (and by "mothballs" I mean dust and cobwebs). My nursery is just a metal rack that I've... (More)
So I am making another hoop house but don't want to use wood for the purlin like the one here and was going to use maker pipe 180° connectors with EMT every 5'. Does anyone know the weight capacity of... (More)
Today, I “mobilized” our two GlowPear planter boxes with a Maker Pipe support frame using the caster kit. For those who know about them, the GlowPear are big, double-walled plastic planter boxes with an internal water reservoir. This makes them... (More)