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Gardening & Agriculture
Gardening & Agriculture

Did you build a raised garden bed? Maybe a shelving unit for your micro greens? Or maybe you just want gardening inspiration then here is the best place to be! Be sure to follow the topic if  you want to get updates on new posts and other notifications.  

If you've seen our raised bed garden, this is where most of those veggies started. With Covid 19 restrictions in March, we really didn't know what would be available, how and when. Some of our seed was from prior years... (More)
Built a cucumber fence for my 19 cucumber plants that produced over 240 cukes. Also a framework for my tomatoes in background. Makes for easy pickings
Built a roof for my 24' x 15' x 8' green house. Nearly everyday there are wind gusts up to 26 mph, and I'm in some sort of rope tornado alley. So I wanted to build something robust, but I... (More)
Got tired of the squirrels stealing tomatoes. Built this enclosure using Maker Pipe connectors and chicken wire.