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Gardening & Agriculture
Gardening & Agriculture

Did you build a raised garden bed? Maybe a shelving unit for your micro greens? Or maybe you just want gardening inspiration then here is the best place to be! Be sure to follow the topic if  you want to get updates on new posts and other notifications.  

Lynn shared some details about her recent shade build. Here's what she said. "We live near Boston so we get intense heat and cold winters. This is my build for a kitchen garden cover. Shade cloth for summer and plastic... (More)
Bobby's Best Plant Starts recently built a sunshade to beat the Texas heat. Check it out!
Jo shared some photos of the fence she made to keep deer out of her garden. She said the gate doesn't hinge but hooks with coat hangers for easy access which is really cool!
Nickolas sent in some photos of his raspberry trellises. Really unique design that looks awesome and gets the job done!