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Gardening & Agriculture
Gardening & Agriculture

Did you build a raised garden bed? Maybe a shelving unit for your micro greens? Or maybe you just want gardening inspiration then here is the best place to be! Be sure to follow the topic if  you want to get updates on new posts and other notifications.  

Epic greenhouse video
Kratky method of growing
Thanks for the review Haiti!

"With MakerPipe, there isn't anything that one can't build. Indoors or outdoors. Your build will look great. Great community with vast amount builds to inspire you."
Robert shared some photos and details about his garden sunshade! "I wanted to build a shade structure for my wife’s garden. Other connectors seemed flimsy and cheap. Only needed 4 fittings for each 10’x10’ structure and it’s very secure. Plus... (More)
Eddie sent us some photos of his walkway trellis structure!