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Welcome to the Build of the Month. Tag the #MakerPipeBOTM topic to enter into the contest. At the end of the month the submissions will be compiled and voted on by the community. The winning build will get a prize pack that includes a t-shirt, tool belt, community badge, and a $50 gift certificate that includes free shipping to the U.S. Share your builds for a chance to win!


Rooftop Canvas Walled Tent. I’ve always enjoyed the nostalgic feel of a camping in true canvas walled tent. Thanks to Maker Pipe, creating the tent frame was the easy part. Sewing 10 oz water proof duck canvas on a non-industrial... (More)
Hop trellis build. I grow a special variety of hops in my year for making beer. Hops can grow up to 30 feet high each year and need a lot of sun. It was not practical for me to put... (More)
I needed to come up with a base type of attachment for a project I am thinking of making. This base/flange attachment consists of a 1/2" diameter threaded galvanized flange plate, 1/2" threaded by 2" conduit double nipple, and section... (More)
“The Titanic” rack for Action Packer bins with bike rack above. Space efficient storage for adventure gear. Each bin is supported by pipes, no need for plywood.