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Welcome to the Build of the Month. Post your builds using the hashtag #MakerPipeBOTM to be entered to win. At the end of the month the submissions will be compiled and voted on by the community. The winning build will get a prize pack that includes a t-shirt, tool belt, community badge, and a $50 gift certificate that includes free shipping to the U.S. Share your builds for a chance to win!


We used maker pipe connections to build a structure to hold lighting and an overhead camera for a new YouTube series to display our products. A separate small structure holds a front camera, monitor and overhead LED video light that... (More)
Here is a project Icompleted last spring. Very easy to build using maker pipe connections. Best thing about it is how easy it is to take down and put up in the spring and fall. I Love this product! #MakerPipeBOTM
Thanks to maker pipe for making a difficult concept and build super easy. I had to design and build 5 tiki huts for our Higschool marching band. Then they told me they wanted them to collapse during the show. All... (More)
For years we couldn’t figure out why there were so few blueberries on our 14 plants. Duh...the birds were eating them. A little research and I found Dave’s connectors. Now our crop of berries is prolific all summer with the... (More)