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Welcome to the Build of the Month. Post your builds using the hashtag #MakerPipeBOTM to be entered to win. At the end of the month the submissions will be compiled and voted on by the community. The winning build will get a prize pack that includes a t-shirt, tool belt, community badge, and a $50 gift certificate that includes free shipping to the U.S. Share your builds for a chance to win!


Check out my custom kayak and paddleboard rack for my Aluma trailer. It serves on the trailer for transport and off for storage. Thanks!!
I discovered these connectors a few weeks ago and they gave me a great idea. I built a kayak rack for my Tacoma. I usually just throw them in the bed and off we go, but trying to travel or... (More)
I built an awning for my camper toyhauler deck using some MakerPipe connectors, galvanized conduit, and 6mm - Kayak Paddle Spring Clips - Tent Pole Clips - Snap Button Clips from Amazon
Hydroponic micro green system. 50”x 80”.
16 channels 10” x 72”. Can grow 49 - 10x20 trays.
Used shrink wrap on all EMT for looks and corrosion.